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The engaging online platform helps to visualize each concept, making it easier to understand and at flexible learning schedules supported with Videos, Webinars and Q&As.


The MasterClass offers the best offline classes for the working professionals at all levels. The classes are delivered by the best instructors of the domain.


Event & Entertainment management has cropped up as one of the best career opportunities. The event industry is growing at a rapid pace. The size of the global event industry is estimated at USD 1245 Billion and the domestic market is estimated at INR 35,000 Crore. The number of companies/individuals organizing and hosting events has been growing rapidly. With such a fantastic growth the industry is looking forward for well-trained man-power at all levels. It varies from large-scale international events to small time private events.

Digital Health Healthcare services are becoming increasingly tech-enabled, and digital health has the potential to expand across diagnostics, laboratories, drugs, insurance and point of care, among others. Digital Health Start-ups are now an integral part of the Indian healthcare ecosystem and driving healthcare providers and patients towards ICT-led delivery and consumption of healthcare services respectively. To sustain this tremendous scale-up of ICT in India, the healthcare service providers are in ardent need of technically trained healthcare professionals.

Artificial Intelligence It is estimated that the AI market will contribute as much as $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. Hence, studying artificial intelligence opens a world of opportunities. At a basic level, you’ll better understand the systems and tools that you interact with on a daily basis and if you stick with the subject and study more, you can help create cutting edge AI applications.

The financial world now dominates the world of information, social relations, and decision making, at the corporate level. Investment analysts, financial advisors and managers require a thorough understanding of many complex and challenging aspects of banking and financial markets, and our course is explicitly designed to equip you with these essential skills. Understanding how it works and how to make the best decisions can help you better understand what is going on.

With the advancement of ICT (Information, Communication Technology), E-Governance has come into prominence. E-governance is the public sector's use of information and communication technologies to improve information and service delivery, encouraging citizen participation in the decision-making process, and making government more accountable, transparent, and effective. The scope of e-Governance is enormous, and E-Governance is considered as a high priority agenda in India, as it is considered to be the only means of taking IT to the Common Public.

Technology has become an important part of our lives, both at home and in the workplace. Many professions are affected by technological evolution, be it finance, international relations, politics, or even fashion. Technology management has changed how people work, think, and live. Technology Management courses enhance the professionals the skills they need to be leaders and innovators in the IT industry.

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Elets Academy is set-up by Elets Technomedia, a premier technology and media research organisation of Asia and the Middle East, which has spread its wings in India and across the world over the years. Since 2003, the organisation has been championing the cause of the governments, building knowledge-sharing platforms and highlighting importance of innovations for governance, health, education, urban development, and banking and finance sectors among others through conferences, publications, and knowledge portals. Read More...

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